FAQ: so you want a T-shirt...

What to expect when you're expecting ( a custom order)

Someone recently asked me to send them my FAQ. My FAQ?!?!  Why don’t I have an FAQ?!?! This is such a fabulous idea.

JKO has evolved into much more than I ever planned… THE most common question I get from EVERYONE right out the gate:

  1.  How much do your shirts cost? 

Wow guys. This is a loaded question.  You can find all of the current designs on the website  jennikainoriginals.com. This will be anything that I regularly produce and stock, whether just regular inventory or semi- custom.  Typically those run from $10 ( with a good sale) to about $25. Custom shirts are a whole other ball game. It really does run that gambit.  A bulk custom order with a single color print ( FRONT only) could potentially run as low as $10. On the flip side, a full color, small order, with prints on the front/back/sleeve cost more. 

Things that affect pricing: quantity, full color or monochrome, screen print vs sublimation, design placement, shirt style, RUSH? 

       2.) Can you do my Disney shirts for our family trip to the Happiest Place on earth? ( no, I don’t mean a visit to the Taco Truck on main—- The Big Mouse House itself!)

I’m not licensed to do Disney stuff. I don’t enjoy doing Disney stuff. There are so so sooo many people out there that THRIVE on your Disney family reunion shirts.  Please use them. They love it. Now if Ellen was sending each ALL FEMALE aircrew from the Air Force to Disney and just needed a JKO shirt for the occasion, I FOR SURE would design a Disney shirt and insist I go as a safety officer ! I volunteer as a tribute! 

3.) “Our boosters doesn’t seem to get a lot of participation when it comes to T-SHIRT sales” ... okay I know this isn’t a question but I do hear it sooo much from squadrons everywhere.   Lean in, let's talk. Go to your booster closet, pull out the giant box of unsold shirts. Are they stiff? Cheaply made? Do they shrink? Is the design something you’d want to wear outside of poorly lit gym or to bed?  Here’s the problem… boosters seem to always think that the only way to make money is to buy CHEAP things and mark them up. How much money are those stiff shirts making you? What if I told you that you could SELL OUT if you spent a little more?!  Let’s get great looking, super soft shirt,that everyone wants two or three. Then your booster account will have all the money for the Christmas party!  

4.) How does it work?  

  • Custom request questionnaire:The customer provides background info, event info, colors, mottos … any information that might help pull together a design. A questionnaire will be provided to help gather information about your organization and what specifically you are looking for in the way of design/ merchandise. 
A design deposit of $150 ( for a full spread merch design) will be required upfront but will be applied to your order total upon final order invoicing.   

    It is VERY important to let me know if you are on a deadline or time frame you are working with. Rush fees applied on a case by case bases.

    • From there, JKO will build a design for you. Sometimes that comes in the way of 4 or 5 designs for various items ( shirts, sweatshirts, koozies, bottle openers, cups...all the things). 
    • It’s completely acceptable and expected for the design process to have some back and forth to adjust and nail down the final design. Three minor edits are included in pricing and typical of the creative process.  Anything after three, will  have a change fee assessed of $35. ( This excludes any errors from JKO ). After the initial questionnaire and design vision is set, if the customer decides to redirect to an entirely new design, a new design fee $150 will apply. This helps insure, from the get go that both JKO and the customer have a clear vision from the get-go. 

    • Please check all spelling, dates, numbers to ensure they are correct. A proof sheet and price sheet will be provided.  
    • Once a final design is approved, and size/ quantities are requested an invoice will be generated. Typically on bulk orders, a single invoice is created with a single payment.  This helps logistically with a group POC to negotiate payment and delivery. 
    • The standard turnaround time for large orders is three weeks once everything is finalized, invoices and paid. Sometimes less sometimes more depending on the size and breadth of the order.  Holidays and the summer schedule could affect this time frame but will be clearly communicated if outside of the three week window.


    I can't want to see what kinds of designs we'll dream up together!